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Birch Middle School

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Opportunities for Students

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School Supply List

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Birch Middle School Stories

Techology Plan

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Many Activity Options

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Bussing Schedule

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  • We are excited to resume classes soon! Bring on 2021!Read Full Post

    Posted: 12/29/20, 9:57 AM
  • Happy New Year! Looking forward to a bright 2021!Read Full Post

    Posted: 12/29/20, 9:56 AM
  • Happy holidays to each of you and your families! Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season!Read Full Post

    Posted: 12/29/20, 9:55 AM
  • Enjoy your break from school, students! We will see you next year!Read Full Post

    Posted: 12/29/20, 9:54 AM