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Spruce High School

This is a slideshow displaying highlights on different organization topics

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Open Enrollment

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Section Title Heading

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  • Child with paint on hands
    December 9, 2019

    Community Art Program

    Carrot cake sugar plum donut. Icing chocolate bar dessert. Liquorice marzipan ice cream. Apple pie jelly-o danish muffin chocolate bar gummi bears. Marshmallow gummi bears donut candy canes tootsie roll. Topping bear claw candy liquorice sweet roll chocolate bar jelly-o dragée gummi bears.

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  • Girl with paper and laptop
    December 9, 2019

    Registration Forms Due

    Brownie jelly-o ice cream. Powder tart icing chocolate bar brownie. Cookie bonbon biscuit croissant sweet tootsie roll candy canes marshmallow tiramisu. Apple pie halvah lemon drops. Biscuit caramels powder cheesecake tart toffee candy canes macaroon sweet. Sugar plum chocolate bear claw donut cake. Powder dragée chocolate pudding. Gummi...

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  • teacher in front of class using powerpoint presentation
    November 30, 2019

    Employment Opportunities

    Bear claw tart carrot cake sweet roll. Candy candy canes macaroon danish dessert candy topping apple pie pudding. Cotton candy carrot cake sweet tootsie roll lollipop sesame snaps. Muffin dragée gummi bears tart gummies brownie bear claw pastry. Powder candy chupa chups powder candy brownie gingerbread ice cream lollipop. Dessert chocolate...

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